Global Study

Education and Career Fair

11-12-13 February 2010


We invite you to the largest annual education fair organized by “Chamber of Commerce” of the Republic of Uzbekistan and “Global Study” leading education abroad company.

The Fair is the largest in Uzbekistan and it is supported by the government. 

Participants are locals as well as foreign educators (foreign educators are invited by Global Study) and the total numbers of visitors is expected to be around 35000-45000 thousand in 3 days.

The fair will be covered by local press and leading government news agency.

Global Study will allocate approximately 6-9 sq.m area to educator.

Every educator will have option to have professional interpreter, English to Russian/Uzbek, Japanese to Russian/Uzbek, Chinese to Russian/Uzbek, and German to Russian/Uzbek for the entire 3 day fair.

You will also have an option to have private seminar within the fair, and will have a welcome party at one of the hotel lounges attended by local agents and you.

Why Uzbekistan?

Uzbekistan is the only country in Central Asia, where the economic growth is officially authenticated. In January-June 2009, the growth percentage made up 8, 2% in comparison with a similar period of the last year.

The population of Uzbekistan comes to more than 27,5 millions of people, out of them 61% makes youth from 16 to 28 years old. This as a whole means the presence of 16,7 millions potential students per year.

Nowadays the Educational System of Uzbekistan includes 10790 educational institutions of different types, in which currently only 7, 3 millions of people study.

Significant peculiarity of education in Uzbekistan is that there is a selective admission of students to Universities and it is organized once per year, in other words the competition is very high for the student to be admitted to the University and only 55% of school and college graduates can get into the University and the rest should wait for another 1 year in order to sit the admission exams for following years intake.

As a result of real economic growth, every year number of student who can afford to study abroad is growing.


Who is Global Study?

With offices in Tashkent (Uzbekistan), Almaty (Kazakhstan), Astana (Kazakhstan) and Prague (Czech Republic) we are one of the leading and rapidly growing education abroad companies in Central Asia.

In Uzbekistan Global Study is the absolute leader and controls over 60% of the market.

Our student are now successfully studying in High Schools, Language Schools, Colleges and Universities all around the world, and mainly in Great Britain, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Malta, Czech Republic, Malaysia etc.

Due to the fact that our company takes internet seriously as a mean of recruitment tool and by investing on our websites and having dedicated team of programmers, web designers and content writers our websites are now most visited in the field of education abroad, mainly: (Ranked 1 education abroad portal in Uzbekistan) (Ranked 1 education abroad portal in Kazakhstan) (Kyrgyzstan) (Russia) (International)

Every single partner of ours has its own dedicate interactive webpage on all of our websites with prices, application procedures, requirements, etc. Our content writers constantly write articles and review about educators, student experiences and tips on visa procedures and reviews about the cities and countries. Student can leave feedbacks on particular institution, write a review and rate the institution.

Contact us

For more information or to register with the fair visit, email to (Bobir Akilkhanov) .

Global Study, Tashkent Office
63 Sadik Azimov Str.,
Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Mob: +99897 410-10-40
Tel: +998 71 120-57-40
Tel: +998 71 120-57-41

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